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No. NWX141

Deodorising cleaner and conditioner for synthetic technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin.

Once your base layer has been used a few times and is starting to smell, wash it with Nikwax BaseWash® to deodorise, freshen, soften, and enhance drying and cooling. Always apply this product to used synthetic base layers, socks, sports kit and travel clothing to keep them in perfect condition.

Nikwax BaseWash® is easy to use as it cleans and conditions at the same time. It refreshes your synthetic base layers by deodorising and maintains freshness by preventing odour build up when in use. It also enhances and revitalises the wicking properties of synthetic base layers and increases breathability. This helps the fabric to spread sweat, dry quickly, and keep you more comfortable in all conditions. Nikwax BaseWash® outperforms household detergents and fabric conditioners at improving wicking, accelerating drying, and removing and preventing odour.

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  • Cleans and deodorises
  • Inhibits the build-up of body odours
  • Accelerates drying
  • Improves cooling efficiency
  • 300ml
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