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Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School

Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School Cape Town

Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School
Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

Yachtmaster offers you excellent instruction on fully equipped training yachts in a magnificent sailing environment. Their instructors are carefully chosen for their qualities of care and diligence, sailing ability and patience.

Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School is a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) recognised training establishment and their RYA certificates of competence are endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the United Kingdom. These certificates are accepted for employment in the yachting and super yachting industries around the globe.

They are also a South African Sailing (SAS) accredited sail training centre which is endorsed by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA). SAS certificates of competence are required to act as master of a yacht in South African waters and are generally accepted internationally for chartering a pleasure yacht.

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Born: 1990
Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School was the first school yachtmastersailing
Country: South Africa to start with international RYA (Royal Yachting yachtmastersailing
Disciplines: Sail Training  Association) training in South Africa and have an


& Certification excellent reputation globally.
Yachtmaster Ocean Sailing School was founded by Henton Jaabeck and taken over by the Late Alex Cousins in 2004 after the demise of Henton.

They operate under Table Mountain at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town, Saldanha Bay and Langebaan lagoon and along the Cape West Coast.

Trainees will receive First Class Instruction by using fully qualified, well informed Instructors and
fully equipped sail training vessels.

Trainees will be kept safe by always applying the Yachtmaster Safety Policy, the vigilance and care of their Instructors and by keeping their vessels in a sound seaworthy condition.