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Join the Crew: Crew 2.0 upgraded for better fit and performance

Helly Hansen

Posted on June 27 2024

Join the Crew: Crew 2.0 upgraded for better fit and performance

Developed in partnership with professional sailors

Since launching the original Crew Midlayer Jacket in 2011, it became a go-to for amateur and professional sailors alike. Now the best-selling jacket has undergone a thorough upgrade to perform even better. Introducing the Crew Midlayer Jacket 2.0, trusted by countless sailing teams around the world.




Based on feedback from professional sailors

We based the first Crew Midlayer on the ISO Jacket — a shelled fleece that we created for Ericsson Racing Team in the 2008 – 2009 Volvo Ocean Race. It was a specialized design, made to perform at regattas, not for your everyday sailing. Our marketing manager at the time, Karl Einar V. Jensen famously commented to Norwegian sailing Magazine SEILmagasinet that “one stage in the Volvo Ocean Race corresponds to many years of use for a normal sailor.” The intense wear on a jacket is one of the many reasons we rely on field testing for our professional grade gear. Staying true to our roots in being trusted by professionals, the Crew started with Ericsson and is now worn by the American Magic Sailing Team (among countless other teams worldwide).

Small tweaks, big impact

After a decade and a few changes along the way, it might seem this best-selling jacket didn’t need to change. But we knew we could do improve it with a few small tweaks. Here’s how:

Retain warmth

We’ve updated the fleece lining with Polartec® fleece – ‘the first to knit, nap and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric for outdoor apparel’, so you can stay warm as the wind picks up. In the sleeves we included polyester insulation with taffeta lining, which dries faster.

Zippers more resistant to saltwater corrosion

We know that sailing gear can get easily damaged from salt water if not rinsed and cared for properly. We’ve replaced the zippers with ones that are even more resistant to salt water.

Improved fit for freedom of movement

We paid close attention to the fit, especially around the shoulders and sleeves. In the shoulder we created an articulated design, so you and the jacket can move as one.

There's more to Crew

Although the Crew Midlayer is one of our top-selling jackets, it's just one piece of a larger series. Every jacket shares the updated zippers and improved fit. As well as these, we’ve also kept the waterproof and breathable qualities thanks to HELLY TECH® construction. And the special zipper in the lining remains for easy logo customization, so sailing teams can look and feel as one.

Join the Crew: Crew 2.0 upgraded for better fit and performance




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