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Gerry van der Walt

Gerry van der Walt

Gerry van Der Walt
Professional Expedition Leader
Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa

Gerry is the co-founder of Wild Eye, a trailblazing venture redefining photographic travel and private guiding safaris. With over 20 years of experience as a field guide and lodge manager, he seamlessly blends his passion for travel, the outdoors and photography to create unforgettable experiences spanning six continents and 25 countries.

As a specialist photographic guide and public speaker, Gerry's expertise shine through as he shares his knowledge, helping fellow adventurers hone their skills and capture the essence of our planet's natural beauty. Whether guiding guests through the untamed wilderness of the Mara Triangle Conservancy in Kenya or exploring remote corners of the globe, Gerry's dedication to changing the way people perceive the world is evident in every expedition he leads.

Join Gerry and Wild Eye on a journey of discovery, where every click of the camera serves as a testament to the wonders of our natural heritage.




Born: 1976 Co-founder of Wild Eye. Gerry van der Walt
Country: South Africa Over 15 years of experience as a field guide and lodge manager. gerryvanderwalt
Disciplines: Expedition Leader Passionate about travel and nature photography. gerryvanderwalt
Photographic & Travel Guide Specialist photographic guide and public speaker.
Wildlife Photographer Leads expeditions spanning six continents and 25 countries.
Public Speaker Dedicated to changing people's perception of the world through
Performance & Mindset Coach
Hosts tours and expeditions for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.