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 She's sailed more than 300,000 nautical miles on some of the planet's hairiest, and scariest conditions, having competed in not one but two Volvo Ocean Races. Calling Tasmania as her home, Sophie is constantly exposed to the roaring 40’s and the unpredictable nature of the local climate. A climate where you can experience all four seasons in one day. 


- Photos by Nick Jaffe


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

If the suns up I’m up, it’s a bit of a fear of missing out if I don’t wake up.

Describe your home sweet home:

Wild, natural and fun. I love walking deep into the bush it’s so beautiful and fun to explore also seeing all the wildlife.

Who’s part of your daily land crew?

My boyfriend Carlo, Moose and Biggy (two chocolate Labradors, brothers to another mother, four months apart and they pretty much come on every adventure we go on!)

What do you own too many/too little of?

I have way too many surfboards and wetsuits. I don’t have a boat it’s one thing I’m definitely missing in my life.  

If you have time off what do you do?

I often go surfing, walk the dogs on the beach or in the bush, chop firewood or work on the property, play in my veggie garden and looking after the chickens, oh and I also love to cook and be creative! 



What’s your strategy for keeping dry on land? 

Put a shell or good rain jacket on in advance don’t wait till it’s pouring rain, look at the forecast and be prepared! Especially now days so much of the gear is really light weight and breathable so it’s not hard to carry it with you or most the time I just wear mine even in light shower.

In three words describe your Lifaloft Hooded Jacket:

The best ever (it's is awesome it’s so warm and cosy good for layering or for going over the top of just a t shirt when going walking, it’s also great while camping by the fire or for down the beach after a surf can’t go past it even great down town)

Waterproof, windproof or breathable? Which of these features in the most important to you?

Waterproof has always been a big one for me especially sailing also on land a half water proof rain coat is useless haha, at the same time though if it includes all the elements the beat it can it’s the best.

What’s your all-time favourite Helly style or product?

My offshore wet weather gear it’s got me around the world twice and kept me as dry as possible, great design and great working with The HH crew to keep improving and developing the fabric and design.  

What Helly product do you use the most?

My Lifa® Merino thermal top and bottom. Good for sailing, camping, hiking, down the surf, even as pyjamas I love them.



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